2015 was disappointing, reading-wise. I didn’t reach my paltry target of 30 books, and more upsetting, didn’t read as many good books as I would have liked. The downside of only reading light novels. Anyway, be prepared for more random non-literary posts; it’s either that or reviewing technical papers.

  1. RIP Alan Rickman. Currently, no fewer than 5 of my WhatsApp contacts have “Always” as their status message- this frustrates me so much. I’ve heard that the greatest achievement of an actor is to be mistaken for a character they’ve played, but come on, he has done better than Harry Potter for sure… Hasn’t he? I reviewed Sense and Sensibility a while ago, and he was certainly good there. And if you’re looking for something offbeat, check out the insanity called Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.
  2. Guts by Chuck Palahniuk. I dare you to read it without feeling queasy- I finished this short story a couple of hours ago and am dreading the thought of lunch. It’s a short story revolving around masturbation that ironically was published in the Playboy magazine. It’s awkward and gross and may just go over the line unless you have a stomach of steel- try it here.
  3. South Indian cinema today. I finally got around to watching Bangalore Days and Premam, two recent Malayalam movies that have done much to shatter the pretentious artsy image of Mollywood (?!). While they’re very modern and amazingly well-made, they have a few ridiculous plot twists that remind you that this is a south Indian entertainer.  On the other hand, the Tamil movie O Kadhal Kanmani is a brilliant film that deserves your time, even if you must use subtitles. Its portrayal of two couples- one young and modern, one old and even more modern- is sweet without being unrealistic or annoying. Plus A R Rahman’s music, need I say more?