Read this book!

This is my review of Maus by Art Spiegelman.

This is a graphic novel about the Holocaust. I never thought I’d write the terms “graphic novel” and “Holocaust” in the same sentence, but wow this book is good.

Maus is a Pulitzer prize winning true account of Art Spiegelman’s (now elderly) father’s experiences as a Polish Jew in World War II. True to the name of the book, all the Jewish characters are depicted as having mouse heads, while the Nazis are cats. An interesting way to lend some dry humour to ThatWhichMustNotBeJokedAbout.

Though the book is largely factual/ anecdotal, it goes meta once in a while to touch upon Art’s survivor’s guilt, his mother’s suicide, and the generation gap between him and his ill father. The old fashioned but still touching romance between Vladek and Anja (Art’s parents) will have you rooting for them.

Read this book because it is the painful truth made into a work of art. 5/5

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