Seeking a great perhaps: Looking for Alaska

When my friend suggested that I read Looking for Alaska, I did not go tearing into a book store to buy one, as he expected me to do; instead I downloaded the e-book that this maniacal reader suggested, like the equally voracious book reader that I am, after reading which I vowed to buy a copy. Alaska is a girl who seems to live as though she were perpetually preparing for something life changing. She studies in Culver Creek Preparatory High School in Alabama where Miles Halter, the protagonist, joins to attend junior year – “…to seek a great perhaps.” 

He has a fetish for people’s last words. Endearing in a morbid way, really, even to the other characters in the book.

Miles Halter makes friends, one of them being Alaska. As a fivesome, his friends and he pull off pranks- an annual tradition- at the school. The fun and frolic, with the smuggled alcohol and cigarettes, and the smart conversations they have around their ‘coffee table’, funnily enough, will resonate with teenagers and adults.

The Coffee Table

The Coffee Table

With extensive quotes from beautiful poems by great poets, in typical John Green fashion, the book keeps your curiosity alive, while it taps at your witty bone, with it not-so-parliamentary jokes and subtle humour. Looking for Alaska certainly shows you how and why John Green, the world historian and the charming writer can steal many a heart away with mere words.

Alaska steals your heart away. @John Green: Well done, with the character building.

I will leave you with what my friend said when I asked him for more such book recommendations “I just read it, I want it to sink in, it’ll take a while before I think about a next…

Three and a half.


  1. Great book review, it really captures the essence of the book.
    May I ask why you rated it with 3.5/5 stars? Which aspects of the book you liked or didn’t like, and finally how do you use your rating system, because I know that each person has a different way of rating books. I read the book almost a year ago I consider it one of the best books in the YA genre.

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    1. Hi itsyouandeverything!

      We hope we have been able to do justice to the book.
      What I loved about the book is the aloofness and spark in Alaska. 🙂 What didn’t work for me, though, was the implausibility of the setting, although admittedly captivating.

      Our rating system is as given in our (current) Home page.

      Book rank scale:
      1- Don’t bother!
      2- Meh
      3- Worth a shot
      4- Kickass
      5- My life will never be the same

      We think the book is more than worth a shot, and falls a little short of being kickass.

      Thank you for reading our reviews! More to come!



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