Review: Gone Girl (Archive)

This one’s from earlier this month.

Author: Gillian Flynn

It’s been a long time since a book truly creeped me out (the last one was Crooked House by Agatha Christie) but this book had me glancing over my shoulder every few minutes. Hyperbole aside, here’s my review.
The story opens with a scene that could be straight from a Nicholas Sparks novel: Amy Elliot Dunne, the ‘girl’ from the book’s title, is making crepes for her husband on the morning of their 5th anniversary. By noon, she has vanished. When evidence of violence is found, suspicion falls squarely on her husband, Nick, who apparently has the looks, charm and calm demeanor of a killer.
Information is dealt to the reader in bits and pieces, and each new tidbit made me (in armchair detective mode) change my theories about the case. While this was gripping for most of the book, I lost my patience with a twist that happens three quarters of the way in (spoiler: the psycho ex boyfriend is- guess what? – psycho). The book ends in a sort of insane dynamic equilibrium that was, to me, very unsatisfying.
Coincidentally, a movie has been made based on this book, and it’s releasing on October 10, 2014 (tomorrow!) in India.(Edit: Release postponed to 31 October) A Google search tells me that it has been directed by David Fincher, who previously helmed Se7en and Fight Club, which are two of the best psychological thrillers made in the recent past, in my opinion. This kind of adaptation seems to be his specialty and I’m sure he won’t disappoint. Looking forward to this one!
Rating: 3.5/5
eBook friendly: This book is a bit on the long side, around 450 pages. Read the hard copy if you can.

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